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Do You Want to Lose Weight….?

Nickcole Munoz, APRN-CFNP

Why do we say we “lost” weight? Do we want to find it later?  How about I’m closer to my ideal healthy weight or body composition?  I have personally been on the road to my ideal body composition for almost 2 years, now down 80lbs, with no plans of finding it!  I have never felt better! It’s really all about your overall health and body composition and making lifestyle changes. It’s NOT A DIET!  I can tell you from experience you can not rely fully on a scale. That scale does not tell you the full story…what went down or up? Fat? Muscle? Water?  The scale can be addicting and frustrating leading to one giving up on ultimate health. My advice for success is find a coach (one to encourage and stay on top of you), resources that guide you, take a photo of yourself once a month, get measurements of yourself every 2 weeks, and find your MOTIVATING FACTOR!!!!  What is going to drive you to keep you going when you want to quit?  At the end of the day you are accountable for your health journey. Let us help you get there with tools, education, and motivation.  So you may say I have done all that without success…let us find out what has you hand cuffed, it could be hormones, cortisol, and or abnormal lab findings.  I have traveled the road and would love to help you and encourage you on your journey to optimal health. The good Lord gave each of us a temple…it’s never too late to take care of it!  We would be blessed to help you!

Nickcole Munoz, APRN-CFNP

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