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Our Miracle Working Heart

We are fearfully and wonderfully made by our Creator it says in the Psalm 119. Our heart is a great example of the miracle of life.  In just one day, the average heart beats 115,220 times (80 beats per minute) and pumps approximately 2,000 gallons of blood. Our amazing first-sized organ also provides life (oxygen and vital nutrients) to all of our approximately 60 trillion cells in our body.   Every pound of body weight that we do not need equals 17.79 miles of blood vessels that your miracle heart has to work hard to beat and keep alive. 

We are ALL IN with helping you with your heart health and body composition. How many extra miles of blood vessels does your heart have to beat and work to keep you alive?  

 ___________   lbs. x 17.79 miles    = ___________ (miles) of extra blood vessels that are stressing your heart!


Love your heart on Valentines Day!  Xoxoxoxox


-Dr. Gerry D. Langston DC, DABCI and Lifestyle Medical Team


Nickcole Munoz, APRN-CFNP

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