Stem Cell Therapy Can Prevent the Need for Surgery for Sufferers of Chronic Back Pain

Alleviate chronic back pain with PRP therapy.

Back pain that lasts for a few days can make your life miserable. Back pain that’s chronic occurs day in and day out for months to years and can significantly reduce your mobility and quality of life. Unfortunately, traditional treatments, such as surgery, often offer only short-term or partial relief from chronic back pain.

Stem cell therapy for chronic back pain is an innovative and effective treatment that relies on medically-sound regenerative medicine principles to help repair and rebuild the tissue damage that’s producing your pain. Stem cell therapy can help repair muscle, bone, cartilage, and tendons naturally.

The experts at Lifestyle Medical Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma specialize in stem cell therapy for chronic back pain. They’re very pleased to offer chronic back pain sufferers an effective alternative to surgery for relief from their symptoms.

What is stem cell therapy?

Stem cells are the cells from which all other cells in your body are produced. And unlike other cells, stem cells have the natural ability to generate new cell types. In the case of back pain, stem cells can generate new cells to naturally replace worn or damaged muscle, cartilage, bone, and other tissues vital to spine health and pain-free movement.

With stem cell therapy, we inject a highly concentrated number of these specialized cells directly into the problematic area. This abundance of stem cells greatly boosts your body’s ability to repair itself by rebuilding healthy new tissue to replace the old. This naturally relieves the inflammation, pain, and decreased mobility related to your chronic back issues.

Where the stem cells come from

The stem cells provided at Lifestyle Medical center are obtained from specialized donor facilities in the United States. The donor facilities we interact with adhere to strict federal guidelines and requirements managed by the FDA. This helps ensure that the material we use for stem cell therapy is of the highest quality.

The donor facility collects the cells from umbilical cord blood immediately after a consenting mother has delivered a healthy baby. Moms are screened carefully in advance to rule out conditions that might affect the quality of the donated stem cells. The donor facility then isolates and concentrates the stem cells and produces an injectable material that we request as necessary.

The effectiveness of stem cell therapy

Physicians have used stem cell therapy for decades to help replace cells damaged by chemotherapy or disease and provide a boost for immune systems affected by cancer and blood-related diseases, such as leukemia.

Stem cell therapy provides the foundation for regenerative medicine, which focuses on bolstering your body’s ability to regenerate new cells and repair tissue damage. Ongoing research offers exciting potential for using stem cell therapy to treat heart disease and other serious conditions. Surgeons have also used the therapy for years to help speed recovery following various orthopedic and plastic surgery procedures.

At Lifestyle Medical Center, many of our chronic back pain sufferers have experienced life-changing improvement in their condition when we add stem cell therapy to their back-care regimen. Stem cell therapy may be your best treatment option for rebuilding and repairing damage at the cellular level, where good health begins.

Before you consider surgery for your chronic back pain, schedule a visit with us to discuss stem cell therapy and what it can do for you. Call our office or click the “book online” button to get started.

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