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Joint Pain


Get Back To Doing What You Love With Lasting Joint Pain Relief!

Joint Injuries Affect our Daily Lives in Tulsa, OK in an Extreme Way.

Joint injuries can happen in a moment or after continuous misuse.  Whether your injury happened yesterday, or it’s a chronic pain you’ve been dealing with for years, we have a solution for you! Start your path to a pain free life today!

Our team at Lifestyle Medical Center can help with the following joints:

  • Knee
  • Shoulder
  • Hips
  • Elbow
  • Wrists
  • Ankles
  • Fingers

Surgery is not always the solution to joint injury!

Medical professionals often suggest surgery or prescription medication as a first source of treatment for a joint injury.   At Lifestyle Medical Center, we believe in less invasive methods to allow the body to heal itself. 

Surgery can often create further issues down the road, not to mention the recovery periods and costs.  Rarely, does an insurance policy cover the entire expense of a surgery. Suddenly, you have a recovery road in front of you, time off of work, medical bills, and a need for prescription medications for pain management. Before you try surgery, we recommend that you try our less invasive and expensive treatment plan.


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