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Shoulder Pain


Shoulder pain can drastically reduce your ability to perform many daily tasks.

We’ll help you recover from your painful shoulder injury. As your injury heals and your muscles regain their strength, you’ll discover a radical improvement in your quality of life.

Natural Pain Solutions

You will receive top-notch health care without unwanted side effects. Our goal is to restore your health without invasive surgery or expensive medications. We’ll locate the source of your pain and treat the underlying cause, rather than mask the symptoms.

Our Program

  • Our doctors treat the whole patient, as opposed to conventional approaches that merely treat symptoms.

  • We provide complete medical care and offer effective, noninvasive solutions to your pain, weakness, numbness, and loss of function.

  • Your customized care plan will involve a range of treatments selected to meet your particular health needs.

  • You’ll experience natural modes of treatment, focusing on overall wellness and injury prevention.

  • We will collaborate with you to develop a set of goals to restore your health and ability to function. We know that a shoulder injury can be an obstacle to regular daily functioning, and we will aim to heal your injury and restore your life as quickly as possible.

  • You’ll discover natural, effective care for your shoulder injury without resorting to surgery or medications.

Common Shoulder Injuries

  • Instability can happen when your upper arm bone comes out of the socket, either partially or completely. This damages the surrounding muscles, tendons, and ligaments, and it can become a recurring problem if these tissues do not heal properly.

  • Tendon inflammation or a tendon tear can happen during a single trauma or over time as your tissues experience aging and wear and tear.

  • Osteoarthritis develops slowly over time and can cause swelling, pain, and stiffness in your joint.

  • Fracture (a broken bone) is usually the result of a trauma or fall. Fractures cause severe pain and swelling.


Patient Testimonials

"My experience with Lifestyle Medical Center has been very good from the start. The process is thorough, including products to help aid ongoing mobility/function testing. I went in for a shoulder problem but realized most of my muscles were tight-so the full spectrum of treatment has been what I needed. The surprise was how enjoyable it has been to go through therapy because of the staff: Attentive, caring, competent, giving personal attention. A very welcoming atmosphere. This is a great program to help correct bad habits of posture, etc."

- K Merck


"I had a wonderful experience at Lifestyle Medical Center. When I first came here, I was so stiff in my shoulders and back, to the point that it hurt when I bent over. After six visits of exercises, TPI’s, and lots of shared knowledge and care, I could no longer feel the tension. Now after 15 days, my body has improved 100%, thanks to the caring staff."

- W Barnett


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