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Discover a fresh clinical approach for patients suffering from Hypothyroid

Do You Continue To Suffer With Hypothyroid Symptoms Despite Thyroid Hormones, "Normal" Labs, And Your Health Care Practitioner Telling You "Everything Seems Fine"?

Many people suffering from an underactive thyroid condition continue to suffer the frustrations of persistent symptoms like:

  • Inability to lose weight even with low calorie diets and exercise
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Hair Loss
  • Constipation
  • Infertility

Many hypothyroid sufferers continue to suffer and get worse with time seemingly with no explanation.  Many are convinced that something is being missed!  And they are actually right much of the time. The reasons for continued suffering and frustration are often related to less than thorough evaluation by health care practitioners, which ultimately leads to an incomplete or inadequate diagnosis.  An incomplete diagnosis for many patients leads to inadequate and/or less than thorough care. This scenario commonly leads to the frustration many hypothyroid patients experience.

Our clinical model works to identify the underlying causes of persistent hypothyroid symptoms.  We then customize care plans for each individual patient based on those causes.

Free Thyroid Dinner Talk

Join us for a free thyroid dinner event where we discuss the reasons women suffering from low thyroid continue to suffer despite their medications and "normal test results" 

During The Dinner, You'll Learn:

  • How Thyroid Patients are able to Reduce & Eliminate long standing low thyroid symptoms.
  • Why you have every thyroid symptom in the book but no one has been able to diagnose it.
  • How Thyroid Patients are able to FINALLY LOSE WEIGHT without radical diets and exercise programs
  • Find out how ONE TEST might be able to completely change your life.
  • AND MOST IMPORTANTLY:  Take Control.


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